BeautyPlus (MOD, Premium)

  • Publisher: Meitu (China) Limited
  • Version: 7.0.171
  • Category: Photography
  • Size: 64M
  • Update: August 8, 2019 at 4:42 pm
  • Available at: Google Play

BeautyPlus is one of the indispensable photography apps for women, with a series of powerful filters and beauty tools, you will feel confident with any photo.

Previously, when you watched fashion magazines or models, they were all You can see precious photos taken by professional photographers. The photos will be edited and effect so that it becomes the most sparkling and eye-catching that makes the reader feel that the picture is really a masterpiece. It can be said that at the time of about 5 to 10 years ago, it was impossible to create an artistic photo for ordinary people. Only those who have knowledge of Photoshop or similar image editing tools can create such works.

Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

At present, it is normal to create beautiful photos for yourself. The explosion of selfie and photography applications allows users to easily develop artworks with just smartphones and a few simple tasks. You can bring the photos you take to compare with the magazine covers; you can’t see too much difference. (Besides the development of cameras and the investment of smartphone manufacturers, the level of photos taken with phones has become increasingly high).

BeautyPlus the best applications available today for photography. Because it allows users to add a lot of different elements that make their work unique and attractive, basically it is an application just like all its brothers. “BeautyPlus” can beautify users, which means it will erase all defects on their faces and replace them with perfect features. Although there is such a correction, it does not lose the individuality of each person’s face. Moreover, they can customize the opacity themselves if the app is a face-editing application or features that are too advanced. Besides, it also allows you to add photos of lovely stickers, allowing you to transform into characters such as cats, or princesses as well as many other things.

Professional Photo Editing

A small problem that makes a lot of people uncomfortable for some applications is that it recognizes the face for a long time and is inaccurate. It means that when they use the filter, it will sometimes be delayed and the automatic stickers also deviate from their faces. In addition to that, there are also a few filters that make the image unnatural. “BeautyPlus” accurately fixes everything you have encountered in previous applications. It gives users the ultimate beauty selfie. Sometimes you don’t want to apply the filter at the time of the shooting because it will cause the image to lose its original color and cannot be edited many times.

At that time you can shoot with the original camera of the smartphone and then bring it back and forth with the powerful edit toolset added regularly. Standard tools such as saturation, brightness, blur, etc. are, of course, present in the application. Besides, there are many advanced retouch tools such as acne, tone, smooth, whiten, … they will work like photoshop. After a while of editing photos, you will get the same work as is done in a large studio. Even if you just wake up and want to show off your “new morning face” a bit but too lazy to makeup, the application can do it also.

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